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Hello 👋🏻 my name is Makar!

UX/UI designer





I have 4 years of experience in web/graphic design, product design and UX research in InfoCom, Rostelecom. Adept at working with executives and product managers, UX researchers and developers to build products, provide the best user experience and determine how products will evolve over time in a highly competitive market. I focus on creating logic for websites and mobile apps. UX and UI always go hand in hand in my work. I see design as an opportunity to make people's lives a lot easier.

<aside> 👥 Looking for a full-time job



Design Figma Photoshop Illustrator Spline (3D) Tilda

Research Segments User Flow CJM JTBD Cus Dev AARRR Use Cases User Interviews

Other Notion Asana Trello Premier Pro


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